Profound Medical Needs

The Tim Tebow Foundation has had the privilege of creating a significant impact in the lives of people with profound medical needs through physical and spiritual healing.


It is our heart to fight alongside vulnerable children and their families who are experiencing life-altering physical disabilities and life-threatening illnesses.

Through strategic, official ministry partnerships, the foundation has helped build and operate medical facilities in the Philippines, Zimbabwe, and the Peruvian jungle. The Tim Tebow Foundation partners with pioneers in developing countries, like CURE International and Scalpel At The Cross, to provide spiritual and medical healing to those experiencing a significant lack of access to medical care or families' inability to afford it when available.

We've also had the opportunity to build Timmy’s Playrooms, which provide a place of healing respite and fun for hospitalized children and their families. Additionally, through our W15H and Brighter Day programs, Tim has the privilege of reaching children with profound medical needs who need a glimpse of hope as they navigate a difficult medical diagnosis.

Our Initiatives

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Medical Care

We want to respond to God’s call to fight for some of the most vulnerable people in the world by giving developing countries with limited resources access to quality medical care.

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Timmy's Playrooms

Timmy’s Playrooms are built in children’s hospitals around the world to bring Faith, Hope and Love to patients and their families. These rooms provide a safe place for children to experience God’s love through healing play, meeting new friends, and spending quality time with family while undergoing medical treatment at the hospital.

Tim Tebow Foundation

W15H & Brighter Days

The Tim Tebow Foundation creates official W15H experiences for children with life-threatening illnesses by providing them with travel, accommodations, customized daily activities, dining reservations, gifts, and one-on-one time with Tim. 

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