Why W15H Matters

November 3 3 Minute Read???? W15H Program

Why W15H Matters

Hello November 3rd, 2020

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By Kelly Faughnan

Just one weekend ago, W15H recipient Kelly Faughnan hosted her 9th annual golf tournament to raise funds for the Foundation’s W15H program. When we heard this beautiful speech she gave at the event that day, we knew immediately we had to share it with you, our giving family who makes all W15Hes possible. We are so inspired by this truly incredible young woman, and so glad she is a part of the TTF family !

I want you to do something for me – imagine yourself as a child, suffering from a life-threatening illness. You have seen a lot of doctors, gone through lots of physical therapy, and have missed out on a lot of fun with your friends. You are sad, lonely, and scared out of your mind. Believe me, I know first-hand.

You wonder what happens next. You pray, and pray, and then pray some more.

Within the next few days, you receive a phone call from an unknown number and decide to answer it. The person on the other end invites you and your family on a three-day WI5H experience with Tim Tebow. You are so excited to learn that you will be able to meet and spend time with someone you have grown to admire. All of a sudden you smile and remember just how blessed you really are.

From the time you receive the call, until the time of your WI5H experience, you are excited for the WI5H to begin. All of a sudden, those doctor visits and physical therapy visits don’t seem as bad. Your WI5H three-day weekend is quickly approaching and you are motivated to be at your best when you go. So you work even harder at physical therapy during the weeks leading up to your exciting weekend.

Then it’s time for your three-day trip. You arrive at a beautiful hotel where the manager greets you personally, and escorts you and your family to the hotel room. When you enter your room, you are surprised with the number of gifts that are left for you. It reminds you just how truly special you are. The next day, you and your family get to meet and spend quality time with this person who you had grown to admire. You and your family engage in an unbelievable three days full of incredible experiences.

During your WI5H weekend, you have feelings of hope for a brighter future, and the feeling of love is all around you. Not just any love, but the unconditional love you get from people who somehow, some way, become a huge blessing in your life. The positive energy lifts your emotions and spirits up. Your faith grows more deeper and stronger during this experience. The inspiration that this weekend gives you carries on with you for years. Indeed, this experience has a positive impact on the rest of your life.

We have a poster in our basement that reads,“The talents we have are God’s gift to us. How we use those talents is our gift to God.”

Now, please take the time to look around you. Let me share with you what I see. First and foremost, I see Love. I see a community coming together for the benefit of others. I see people using the gifts God has given them to provide Faith, Hope and Love to people we don’t even know and likely will never meet.

You are the reason these W15Hes happen. Together, we are giving hope to children and their families at a time when they need it most. Together, we truly are making a positive difference.

If you would like to support the ministry of the Foundation, please consider donating today. 100% of every dollar given goes directly to impact children and youth like Kelly around the world.

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