A Letter From Robyn

April 27 3 Minute Read???? W15H Program

A Letter From Robyn

Hello April 27th, 2018

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Sometimes those we seek to encourage, are actually the ones who inspire and encourage us. Robyn Clarke, who received a W15H experience from TTF in the fall of 2015, is always such an inspiration to us and the TTF family. Her gift for words is a true blessing!

Take a look at the beautiful note Robyn recently wrote us:

“Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to walk independently. I wonder how it would feel to stand up straight without being overcome with fear, and what it would be like to take a step without being confined by the mold of plastic braces. I wonder, are tennis shoes comfortable?

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to take off running, whenever I want. How would it feel to have wind fly through my hair? Would it be exhilarating? Would I hate it? Would I feel like I was flying? Would I feel... free?

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be able to play sports. I live and breathe them- I wonder what it would feel like to be able to play. What would it be like, to run out of a tunnel surrounded by my teammates? What would it feel like to score the winning points in the final seconds of a game? What would it be like to be a part of something that means... everything to me?

Sometimes I wonder who I would be if I didn't have cerebral palsy. Would I like the same things? Who would I be friends with? What experiences would I have? As much as I wonder and as much as I want to know the answer to those questions, the bottom line is this: without my disability, I wouldn't be the same person. I wouldn't have met the same people and I wouldn't have done the same things. My disability has opened doors and given me experiences I otherwise never would have had, and it's led me to people I love dearly and am beyond grateful for. Without my disability, I wouldn't be... me.” - Robyn Clarke, 2015 W15H recipient & TTF family member

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