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Since 2014, hundreds of churches from 56 countries around the world share the love of Christ through an unforgettable prom night experience for people with special needs. For one night in February, we come together to celebrate God’s image bearers, many of whom have been isolated from their communities because of their disabilities.

In 2023, Tim, Demi, and others from our TTF Family celebrated Night to Shine in the Philippines, where they met Pastor Erich. This is a letter that Pastor Erich shared with us after coming out of the longest pandemic lockdown in the world and celebrating their first-ever Night to Shine: 


For us in Jesus’ Flock, it was a Divine Appointment. A meetup with the Tim Tebow staff in April 2022 started it all. The following months led to the momentous Night to Shine last February 2023. The preparations brought a new sense of excitement to reach out to people with special needs. The students of the Academy were immersed in the process, and the days they delivered “Save the Date” kits proved to be a turning point in their new-found desire to minister to our special guests. 

The night was made more special as we saw the joy in the faces of our honored guests – as well as in the faces of parents, caregivers, and buddies. It was not just an event, but a time of fellowship. It was not just another church activity, but a night when we felt the Lord’s presence through singing and dancing. There is something I cannot put my finger on – but I know it was God. There was a sense of awe in the entire celebration. 

329653561_5846021212101190_961582504395282449_n - 16x9 Blog Size Image.jpgThe “surprise” of having Tim, Demi, and the NTS Team was an added treat. The crowning of the honored guests as Kings and Queens made the affair really extraordinary – as each one of them is precious in the eyes of our Lord. It was a great privilege to serve our honored guests. Yet, at the end of the event, the organizers, volunteers, and all those who were involved felt the impact of Night to Shine. 

At the end of that evening, I can’t help but think of how we can keep the fire burning. The desire is to go beyond that evening. More has to be done.  

To the TTF team, thank you so much for giving our Church and Academy an opportunity to serve and reach out to people with special needs. It came at a point of need. It came at the point of desperation when the school was reeling off from the effects of the pandemic. That was why it was a beautiful experience for us. Something happens when, in the midst of our deepest need, we reach out with love to others. God bless you all! 

-Pastor Erich 


It's truly humbling to see what God has done through Night to Shine and how it has impacted the host churches and their local communities. He has turned it into a global movement to celebrate His love for people living with special needs. So many people like Pastor Erich are committed to loving people who are made in the image of God, and it is through people like him that we can continue to share the inherent worth and value of people with special needs around the globe. 

Come alongside us as we continue the movement of Night to Shine … until all are celebrated.

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