Timmy’s Playroom Opens in Zimbabwe

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Timmy’s Playroom Opens in Zimbabwe

Hello June 5th, 2024

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Timmy’s Playroom brings hope, respite, and fun to children recovering from orthopedic surgeries. 

We’re grateful to share that recently, in partnership with CURE International, we opened the first Timmy’s Playroom in Zimbabwe! The playroom will serve as a place of healing, respite, and fun for children recovering from orthopedic surgeries at CURE Zimbabwe and the Tebow Care Center. This installment will be the 11th worldwide location.  

Timmy’s Playrooms are built for children in hospitals around the world to bring Faith, Hope and Love to patients and their families. Each playroom is customized to fit the function and form of the respective hospitals, but all have their own little flair. 

C Collage.jpgThese playrooms provide a safe place for children to experience God’s love through healing play, meeting new friends, and spending quality time with family while undergoing medical treatment at the hospital. The experience provides children with a positive atmosphere that allows them to take their minds off their medical treatment and just be kids again.

 This Timmy’s Playroom in Zimbabwe is particularly unique in that we strayed from the typical football theme of the U.S.-based playrooms and embraced inspiration from the colorful, whimsical African culture to dream up this special place. 

With help from the team at CURE Zimbabwe, we intentionally designed the playroom to be less tech-focused and more tailored towards sensory and fine motor skills. The playroom was built specifically with children recovering from orthopedic surgeries in mind. Because of this, the games and toys are lower to the ground, making it easier for younger children and children in wheelchairs to access.

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There are interactive lights, a music wall, sensory-friendly games, and plenty of seating. The goal was to create a space where a lot of kids could be playing together at the same time. 

Our heart at TTF is to fight for some of the Most Vulnerable People in the world. One of the ways we do this is through providing access to quality medical care to developing countries with limited resources. 

At CURE Zimbabwe, TTF helps provide life-changing orthopedic surgeries for children who are in desperate need. The Tebow Care Center is an extension of CURE Children's Hospital of Zimbabwe and helped almost triple the number of beds available for children recovering from life-changing surgeries. This addition allowed for more surgeries to be performed and, ultimately, for more children to receive healing care. Now, Timmy’s Playroom provides a place where children and families can find a playful escape during lengthy hospital stays.  

 Will you join us in praying for the children undergoing life-changing surgeries at CURE Zimbabwe? Please pray with us that this new Timmy’s Playroom may be a positive and healing environment for these precious image-bearers recovering from surgery! 

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