A Spark and a Shine

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A Spark and a Shine

Hello February 26th, 2020

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When former Night to Shine King Jerod couldn’t attend this year’s Night to Shine, his buddy of several years took the prom to him. We recently received this note from a friend of Jerod's family, Lori, and were so encouraged to see the ripple effect Night to Shine is having on churches and individuals everywhere!

“Is Night to Shine the best night of the year? YES! Are our Kings and Queens celebrated and crowned for who God created them to be? ABSOLUTELY!

But as a parent of a child with special needs, this picture is really what it is all about. Four years ago, Jerod, was randomly paired with his buddy Kim. That night sparked a special friendship.

This year, Jerod was unable to attend due to cancer treatments. So instead, Kim went to his house, bringing with her a swag bag, prom decor, and even a crown for him!

That is the ripple effect from Night To Shine - a beautiful friendship and a family gaining support from someone we never would have known otherwise. We know Kim prays for Jerod all the time, and we are confident he will be back in that limo, back on that dance floor, and back to being crowned King of the prom next year!

We LOVE to hear stories like this, so if you’ve got one of your own, send it our way! How has the heart and message of Night to Shine been seen in your community throughout the year?

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