Meet Selah Joy

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Meet Selah Joy

Hello February 14th, 2020

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Home for now just over seven months, we wanted to introduce you to one of TTF’s more recent families impacted by our Adoption Aid program – the Hom family! We recently received an update from parents Godfrey and Stacey about how their little Selah Joy is settling in to her new life, and couldn’t wait to share their words – and these adorable photos! - with you, our generous supporters who have made it possible!

We just want to send this update on how Selah Joy is doing, and to praise God that He has been so gracious and generous to her!

We adopted Selah Joy in China on July 8, 2019. Selah was born with bilateral External Auditory Canal Atresia (EACA)--no ear canals on both sides. Additionally, she has bilateral microtia--malformed external ears. When we first reviewed her file, the photos and video clips showed a girl who was not smiling, and appeared to show signs of autism or developmental delay. She was expression-less, not interacting with her caregivers.

However, during the time we were in China with Selah, it became more and more apparent that she does not have autism or a delay of any kind. She was interactive, made eye contact, laughed, and enjoyed playtime together. She was also mischievous and stubborn - typical of children her age!

When we arrived back at home, Selah picked up where she left off. She has taken over the house and has truly made it her own. Her two older siblings delight in playing with her, and the feeling is mutual.

She easily smiles and laughs at the slightest bit of silliness and prompting. She is becoming more physically affectionate: she holds her arms up as a request to be picked up and held, will climb onto our laps to snuggle, and will come to hug us with a big smile!

Selah is blessed with a loving extended family and church community that has embraced her and lavished her with love and gifts. Friends in the church also treat her as family, and some will speak Chinese to her in case she is able to hear and understand it! She is indeed surrounded by a caring, prayerful, and supportive community.

We have had numerous medical and therapist visits so far, and are so thankful that the Lord has provided such good medical care, and that we have access to so many specialists nearby. All of her tests and imaging have revealed that she is very healthy. The CT scan of her head showed that her inner ears are normal, and she will probably be able to hear, if she is fitted with a hearing aid and/or the ear canals are surgically opened.

Currently, Selah is able to "hear" through bone conduction when we speak or sing to her, skull-to-skull, or cheek-to-cheek. She will have a follow-up appointment to test her hearing through brain wave measurement. At this point, it's likely she will be fitted with a hearing aid which will enable her to hear and then learn to speak. Surgery may be an option when she is older to correct her ear deformities.

In summary, we are so amazed and thankful to the Lord for how far Selah has progressed in the short time she has been in our family. While her physical stature is still very small, her emotional and spiritual state have both grown tremendously. She is blossoming before our eyes. In many ways, she has adjusted so well that we often forget that she was only adopted less just seven months ago. May God be glorified in her life and in our family's life.

Finally, we want to say again how thankful we are for you and the generous grant you gifted to us that enabled us to bring Selah home into her eternal family. May God continue to bless you that other adoptive families may be blessed.

Would you join us in praying for sweet Selah Joy and the entire Hom family as they continue to navigate Selah’s medical issues, and also adjust to life as a family of five? Would you also consider financially supporting the foundation today? With your help, we will be able to bring more and more children home to their forever families!

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