SIMON… #InTheirWords

December 2 3 Minute Read???? Adoption Aid, Adoption Aid

SIMON… #InTheirWords

Hello December 2nd, 2016

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Background on Simon:

TTF was honored to provide Simon’s family with an Adoption Aid grant. Simon’s parents, Brian and Katie, adopted him from China when he was just two years old. He suffers from an inoperable complex congenital heart condition, which leaves him with very few procedures to help him. Simon and his family are still in the process of dealing with Simon’s medical condition, but they are continuing in their faith that God will provide.

Simon’s Story #InTheirWords:

“When Simon came home, we were trying to prepare for what he may need for his heart condition. His heart is very complex and there are very few suggested procedures to help him. There is no guarantee that he will get better, but his body is adapting and that seems to be working for now. The future is still pretty unknown…However, what we do know is that Simon is a loving, affectionate little guy. He enjoys being outside and riding his bike. He eats macaroni and cheese for breakfast. He is always asking us to play cars with him. He loves to laugh and be tickled. He recently learned patty cake and is working on teaching that to Curious George. He likes to color. He loves taking a bath. And when he’s had a long day he says, ‘I sleepy head Daddy.’

We don’t know what is in store for Simon, but we cannot deny that God has protected him and gotten him this far. We are thankful and hopeful, but mostly trusting God that He will continue to be sovereign and almighty as He has proven to be.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support. We are so thankful for TTF and how they are living out their mission to inspire and make a difference in people’s lives throughout the world.”

– Brian, Simon’s Father

Stories like Simon’s are made possible through our generous community of supporters. If you would like to impact the lives of children around thew world, please consider donating today.

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