Rescue in Action

July 14 3 Minute Read???? Orphan Care

Rescue in Action

Hello July 14th, 2020

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Just a few weeks ago, TTF was made aware of an urgent medical situation affecting a teenage boy part of the myLIFEspeaks family in Haiti. Samenley (also known as “Lele”) was in need of a rescue of the most literal kind.

“We have an incredibly sick 15-year-old young man in unexpected kidney failure,” wrote myLIFEspeaks Founders Mike & Missy Wilson. “He needs help immediately. The hospital where he first sought help made him leave because they didn’t have the ability to treat him. Our staff, the young man, and his mother are going through Martissant, one of the most dangerous areas in Haiti at this time. The streets have been blocked off but our myLIFEspeaks family REFUSES to stop. We know things are difficult all over, but don’t lose sight of how important it is for us to be true to our call and the Gospel. Thank each of you for being a part of this specific journey. “

For several weeks, the TTF staff prayed for Lele, his mother, and the MLS staff as they continued to fight for care. And oday, we are beyond thrilled to share with you that Lele is home and well on his way to a full recovery!

MLS recently posted the following on their social media: “Lele is still a little jaundiced, but he is doing well, and is getting stronger each day. LIFE Clinic’s Dr. Peter and myLIFEspeaks staff are checking up on him regularly, and providing at-home care going forward. We also added Lele to our monthly food distribution program to make sure he’s getting the nutrition he needs to continue healing. His mom had this to say upon Lele coming home, “Thank you so much. After God, you were the ones who helped him. God saved his LIFE.”

And if this news wasn’t amazing enough, the MLS staff was also able to share the message of the Gospel with Lele’s mom! Despite the family’s ties to magic and voodoo – as is so common throughout the country – and her own concern she was “too far gone,” Lele’s mom now believes! She is living proof that God can and does work all things for good, even our suffering. (Romans 8:28)

As we continue to support and pray for Lele and his family, as well as the many other families impacted by our ministry partners both stateside and abroad, would you consider joining with us in some capacity? These precious children need your support. They need your care. And they need people to stand up and fight for their rescue by pointing them to the only One who is the true Rescuer.

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