A Miracle in the Mission: Sarah's Story

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A Miracle in the Mission: Sarah's Story

Hello July 13th, 2020

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Some time ago, we shared with you a photo of a beautiful little girl. What we didn’t share with you at that time was her story. It’s a story still being written - one that we never could have predicted, and instead could only hope and pray for. Today we are bringing you that story. For the safety of the child involved, we cannot include the previously published photo, nor can we disclose her real name or location.

In the winter of 2018, Sarah’s doctors were unsure how much longer she would survive. As a newborn, she was given no longer than six months. Suffering through nearly 100 seizures per day, her muscles unable to control their own movements, brain scans of the baby girl showed a tiny body experiencing pain and confusion, unable to walk, and unlikely to ever feel or show emotion.

Despite the initially grim outlook, her doctors committed to checking in regularly about her progress, while TTF Ministry Partner Back2Back Ministries began to care for the growing child, praying for a miracle along the way. The rescue mission had begun.

Sarah was assigned a specific, trained caregiver – one who could help aid proper attachment, build connections, and skillfully manage the little girl’s unique routine and extensive needs. She began to undergo various therapies and take the medications she so desperately needed. And as her doctors monitored her progress over the next several months, they were surprised to see the little girl doing so well. The same child who would not make eye contact in the beginning, was now slowly narrowing in on subjects in front of her – first her caretaker, then the visiting physicians and staff. During a recent visit from her pediatric neurologist, one in which a third brain map scan was performed, Sarah was labeled a miracle. “I’ve been doing this for 20 years, and I have never seen this level of change,” the doctor recently told a member of the ministry’s staff.

This year, the child not predicted to reach her first birthday will be celebrating her third. She connects to familiar faces, shows emotion, and is even beginning to gain muscle and show some control over her movements. Some days pass without a single seizure. Her emotions are beginning to regulate, and there is no doubt she is now the healthiest and happiest she has ever been. She is thriving in ways no one ever thought possible.

And she is just one of the countless who have been rescued as a result of TTF’s generous supporters. One of the countless whose road to healing – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – is both long and challenging, but not without hope. One of the countless who we as believers are called to rescue, not through our own strength, but through the One who is our strength. We are simply His hands, answering the call to serve and love a world in deep need. As long as children like Sarah exist, the ones who the experts won’t give a chance and who society does not see, the battle isn’t over. These children need someone to believe in them. To fight for them. To love them. And that someone is us, but we want to do it with you. Would you consider joining the mission today? Whether they know it or not, children like Sarah are counting on it.

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