Prince Elijah: Once seen as a burden, now cherished as a blessing to his family

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Prince Elijah: Once seen as a burden, now cherished as a blessing to his family

Hello December 21st, 2023

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What kind of boy is this? What kind of child is this?

When she heard people ask about her son's condition, Rachel’s heart would sink as she knew they were mocking her family. For his first six months, Rachel watched Prince Elijah grow but noticed he was unable to sit or crawl like other children. She expected her son to reach developmental milestones, like sitting and feeding himself, but he was not reaching these typical markers.

Rachel was desperate for answers. After seeking medical advice, she received an initial diagnosis that Prince Elijah had cerebral palsy. Although she expected the diagnosis to bring clarity, instead, it brought her to tears. Rachel did not know how to care for her child with a disability. However, the doctor offered her a glimmer of hope, assuring her that one day, her son would be able to thrive like other children.

Driven by her determination, Rachel sought out numerous doctors and even tried herbal remedies. Despite the promises and treatments, nothing changed. After several attempts to seek medical counsel, Rachel, crushed by one disappointment after another, began to lose hope.

Bearing the weight of her son's medical diagnosis, Rachel felt alone. In her community, she felt heavily criticized for having a child with a disability.

"Our neighbors would mock and gossip about us. They would ask my husband, 'How could you marry a woman who gives birth to such a child?'" Rachel shared.

Feeling hopeless and alone, as if there was no one she could rely on, she brought her concerns to God and asked for help. The isolation and shame she felt from her own community led her to believe that her child was a burden. So, she begged God to take the child away from her care.   But amidst her suffering, God intervened... Rachel was introduced to TTF's ministry partner, Ekisa Ministries, in her darkest hour of need. At first, Rachel thought this could be an opportunity to leave her child in someone else's care. She confessed,  

"I wanted to leave him with Ekisa–where I thought maybe I could convince them to leave my boy there. I would pretend to go and seek therapy, but my real intention is to leave my child behind." 

However, Rachel’s burden was lifted in a way she didn’t expect. At Ekisa, Rachel encountered the love and encouragement she so desperately needed and began to feel hopeful again. Though she wasn’t entirely convinced that having a child with a disability was a blessing, even with her doubts, Rachel no longer felt alone. Through the loving staff at Ekisa and their support, she was reminded that Prince Elijah is an image-bearer of God, valued and worthy of love.


Today, Prince Elijah is receiving the therapy he needs to help him thrive, and Rachel is surrounded by a supportive community. Her story gives hope to many families in Uganda who have been outcast and isolated because their child lives with a disability. Even though Rachel found hope, there are still so many families who have yet to experience the life-changing work that is being done through our partnership with Ekisa Ministries.

B.jpgThis is why we are building a new campus in Jinja, Uganda, that will bring hope to many more precious image-bearers and their families. Our prayer for this new campus is to expand our support to over 200 families, including many who have lost hope because of cultural views on disability.

TTF Family, we are inviting you to be a part of this new campus in Uganda that will bring hope and a future to hundreds of families. Will you walk alongside us today? Please don’t look away. See Them. 

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