George: Lost on the streets, but now part of a loving community

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George: Lost on the streets, but now part of a loving community

Hello December 22nd, 2023

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In 2018, a seven-year-old boy was found sitting along the Jinja-Kampala highway. Abandoned in the middle of the night by his family, George was found by a police convoy. 

Shortly after being discovered by police, George was referred to TTF's ministry partner, Ekisa Ministries. As soon as he arrived at Ekisa, the staff began working to identify relatives but unfortunately, those efforts were unsuccessful. In the meantime, George has been able to live in Ekisa’s residential home and experience refuge surrounded by an amazing team and community of people who love and care for him. George has also received much needed medical attention and specialized care for autism and a seizure disorder allowing him to thrive while the staff continue to search for a permanent family for him.  

A_NO-COPY.jpgIn Uganda, disabilities are often misinterpreted as curses or spiritual punishments. Because of that, having a disability can also lead to social stigma and discrimination. Due to these cultural views on disability, George’s unique needs may have been the very reason why he was abandoned. Also, the challenges of raising a child with disabilities can be financially draining for a family, especially in areas with limited resources and inadequate healthcare facilities. Many families simply do not know how to support their child with a disability, and, in desperation, believe abandonment is their only option.  

Through our partnership with Ekisa, we provide hope for children by changing the narrative of children with disabilities in Uganda. George's story magnifies the urgent need to provide families with the help and support they need, preventing abandonment and separation. This is why we are helping build a campus in Jinja that will be a resource to hundreds of families living with disabilities in Uganda.  

The new campus will have a Community Care Center that will serve as a space for up to 80 new families and children living with disabilities to receive medical care, counseling, and therapy services. Additionally, this new campus will have several residential homes that will provide a family-style environment for 24 children while they are in the care of the incredible Ekisa staff.  

B.jpgWe will also have a school that will provide education through a reverse inclusion model to 140 students. Through this model, barriers will continue to be broken and stigmas removed, as students with disabilities are able to integrate into their community and receive education alongside their peers living without disabilities.   

With the support of our TTF Giving Family, we have the opportunity to reach more children like George and share the message of God's love for every child who has been seen as cursed or deemed as "less than." At TTF, we hope for a day when no family feels the need to abandon their child because of a disability. TTF Family, will you not look away? Will you see them? Will you join us in making a lasting impact on families in Uganda today? See Them.

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