Hope in Action: Kedir’s Journey to Overcoming Scoliosis

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Hope in Action: Kedir’s Journey to Overcoming Scoliosis

Hello December 28th, 2023

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I am hopeful that I will receive healing and tell other people with a spinal condition that they, too, can receive treatment. - Kedir   

In a small town in Ethiopia, a brave 15-year-old boy named Kedir, stands out among his peers, but not for reasons any child would wish for. Kedir has scoliosis, a life-threatening spinal condition that causes an abnormal sideways curvature of the spine. This debilitating condition has affected his childhood, turning his everyday life into an agonizing struggle.  

When Kedir was four, his family noticed his spine developing a curve. They thought nothing of it because he never complained about feeling any pain or having difficulty doing things. As Kedir grew older, his mom was alarmed that the abnormal curve in his spine was worsening over time.  

“Kedir feels pain whenever he does seemingly typical everyday activities like running, walking, and playing,” Kedir’s mom said.  

As the curve on his back became noticeable to his friends, they mocked him every chance they got. His mom could no longer bear seeing him in pain physically from the condition and emotionally from their hurtful words.  Fueled by a hopeful heart, she faced adversity head-on and sought treatment for Kedir.   

As if the ridicule from his community and the worsening pain weren't enough, there was a more profound concern that troubled his family—the lack of a treatment available to Kedir that could potentially save his life. Without proper care for children with spinal deformities, their conditions worsen to the point of pushing the ribcage against the heart and lungs, rendering it potentially fatal. When not taken care of, scoliosis can also lead to improper lung development and persistent respiratory complications. 

With urgency, Kedir’s mother took him to various hospitals across Ethiopia, enduring referrals from one hospitals to another due to the overwhelming lack of specialized pediatric care available for children with spinal deformities. They faced the harsh consequences of an extremely limited resource, for every four million children in Ethiopia, there is just one fellowship-trained pediatric orthopedic surgeon available. 

His family persevered through every "no" until they found hope at the last hospital they visited that referred them to CURE International, an official Ministry Partner of the Tim Tebow Foundation. Here, Kedir and his family finally heard good news when they said "yes" to helping him receive specialized scoliosis treatment and healing. Through the partnership between TTF and CURE, the first-ever Tebow Spine Center will work to address the country's urgent need for specialized pediatric care. CURE Children's Hospital of Ethiopia is home to many compassionate and loving staff, providing world-class medical and spiritual care, making life-changing treatment possible.  

Kedir's Story Blog Body Photo _1.pngWith Dr. Tim leading his treatment plan, Kedir looks forward to a bright future. This commitment to personalized care has relieved Kedir and his family of fear, replacing their previous despair with newfound hope. The upcoming treatment promises to ease his pain and give him a chance at a healthier life. He is hopeful about the treatment he will soon undergo and is excited to share this incredible resource with those living with scoliosis in Ethiopia so that they can also find hope and healing at Tebow Spine Center

At TTF, we refuse to look away from the painful reality that children, like Kedir, have to endure. His inspiring journey goes beyond finding medical treatment. It sheds light on the possibilities of restoring hope, dignity, and joy to children living on the fringes of society. It's about showing them they are not alone. They are seen, heard, loved, and cared for. 

We believe that there's power when we come together for the world's Most Vulnerable People. Would you please see them and help provide life-changing medical treatment to 125 Ethiopian children who have severe spinal deformities?
Make a tax-deductible gift and give these children a chance at a longer, healthier life. 

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