Hope for a precious baby boy found in a river

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Hope for a precious baby boy found in a river

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It was a cold winter morning when Nkosi heard faint cries echoing from the nearby river. Drawn to the sound, Nkosi ran to discover a small baby boy lying in the water. Without hesitation, he quickly scooped up the baby and wrapped him in his coat. Nkosi rushed to the nearest clinic, where the precious baby received much-needed medical care for hypothermia and low blood sugar. 

It's never easy to talk about the darkness and heartbreak experienced by some of the world's most vulnerable people, like abandoned babies. Tragically, stories like Nkosi's are all too familiar in South Africa. Every day, an estimated three infants face abandonment on Johannesburg's streets. For every miracle of life discovered, there are at least two tragic losses. 

This heartbreaking reality is one of the results of the pervasive cycle of poverty that challenges many South African communities. Many children are born into extreme poverty while their parents are struggling to provide for their basic needs like food and shelter. In some cases, women find themselves in abusive situations, and some mothers desperately feel they have no choice but to leave their precious babies. 

At the Tim Tebow Foundation (TTF), we never want to look away from the heartbreaking reality that some of God's image-bearers in Johannesburg, South Africa face. This is why TTF Impact Baby Rescue was created, to provide hope and a future to mothers and families who may lack support and to help prevent precious babies from abandonment. Through our partnership with Impact Africa, we provide counseling for mothers, resources for families, and operate baby homes to care for precious babies who have been abandoned. 

Through Nkosi's heart-stirring experience, we are fueled by our passion to serve others in their darkest hour of need by giving hope through TTF Impact Baby Rescue. Months after this sweet baby boy was rescued, he was adopted by his forever family! This story of sorrow turned into joy, despair transformed into hope, reminds us of our mission every day–to bring Faith, Hope and Love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need. 

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