When Love Transforms: Calvin's Story

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When Love Transforms: Calvin's Story

Hello January 8th, 2024

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His early interactions started with frequent fights with other students, and he had difficulty adjusting to the new school environment. When Calvin walked into one of the schools operated by TTF’s Ministry Partner, Impact Africa, it was apparent that his home was one filled with trauma and pain.  

However, the loving teachers saw beyond Calvin's defensive exterior. Each day, they spent time with him, comforting and guiding him, reminding him that he is loved unconditionally by God. They showed him that school was a safe place where he did not need to fight to protect himself. 

Today, Calvin is in 2nd grade, participating in school activities and using his talents to share about Jesus at such a young age! Calvin exudes joy and always carries a smile on his face. Being able to attend school led to a massive change and has made a huge impact on Calvin's life. 

TTF---IA---Calvin-Blog-Graphics---2.pngCalvin's inspiring story is not just a testament to his resilience but also brings encouragement and reminds us why we are building the TTF Impact Campus. Through your unwavering support and generosity, construction is underway, and we are getting close to finishing construction a campus that will include a school, counseling center, and a baby safe that will transform many more lives in South Africa. 

TTF---IA---Calvin-Blog-Graphics---3.pngThe TTF Impact Campus is strategically located in the heart of the community and will be operated in part by local residents empowering them to take part in their children’s education and future. Together, our hope is to encourage growth as we help break the cycle of illiteracy, abandonment, and poverty in South Africa, creating a future of Faith, Hope and Love for many more resilient children like Calvin. 

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