What Love Looks Like: The Griggs Family Adoption Story

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What Love Looks Like: The Griggs Family Adoption Story

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In October of 2020, Aaron and Julie Griggs started a journey that would forever change their lives. Knowing that every child deserves a home filled with love, the Griggs made the courageous decision to adopt three siblings from India. It was a path filled with unknowns, but this step of faith from them would mean the love and security of a forever family for these three precious children.

Rafi, Meb, and Rachelle are now thriving under the love and care of their new family.

Rafi, nine years old, attends a school for deaf students where his American Sign Language (ASL) skills have drastically improved. He recently earned the "Student of the Quarter" award at school for displaying respectful, responsible, and safe behavior. Meb, seven years old, is a curious first grader who loves computer class, reading, and playing superheroes. As an avid reader, he is well on his way to joining the “100 Book Club” at school! Rachelle, five years old, displays her creativity through crafts, playing dress-up, and gymnastics. She reads and writes well beyond her age level and one of her favorite pastimes is pretending to be a mermaid princess!

October 8, 2023, marked the second anniversary of the Griggs becoming a family of five. They celebrated this special day, fondly known as "Griggs Family Day," at a local farm, reveling in fall activities and playing together in the pumpkin patch.

While joy and laughter fills their home now, their family had to overcome challenges many face when adopting. They said yes to adoption, trusting that if this was what God wanted for their family, He would provide. The financial responsibility of adopting a child can be an intimidating mountain to face. The cost is often a barrier for families pursuing adoption, resulting in many children missing out on the chance to experience the love and stability of a forever family.

At the Tim Tebow Foundation, we believe every child deserves to experience this type of love. Recognizing the needs of orphans around the world, we are eager to run into the darkness and bring hope to His precious image-bearers. Along with our ministry partners, Lifesong for Orphans and Show Hope, we are honored to help support families like the Griggs who have made the decision to adopt three amazing children!

As part of our Orphan Care + Prevention initiative, the Adoption Aid program provides financial grants to families adopting children with special needs internationally, easing the financial burden, and enabling them to focus on loving and serving a child in desperate need. TTF’s Adoption Aid program is more than just a financial initiative – it offers hope for so many children and their forever families.

"Griggs Family Day" is a testament to how the journey of adoption changes the lives of an entire family. It's a celebration of the beautiful collision of two worlds and the obedience of parents like Julie and Aaron who said “yes” to adopting.

"When we said 'yes' to a sibling set of three in October 2020, we knew we did not have the finances to afford all the adoption and travel-related expenses...receiving a Lifesong Matching Grant funded through the Tim Tebow Foundation was a direct answer to our prayers and just the motivation we needed to start fundraising! We are so thankful for the three little lives God has entrusted to us and that we get to be a family together.”
— The Griggs Family

The Griggs Family's adoption of Rafi, Meb, and Rachelle is a story of Faith, Hope and Love.

It's a story that speaks to the heart of what it means to be a family that continues to inspire us all. We invite you to make a lasting impact and help create a world where every child can thrive in a loving family. Please don't look away from the needs of orphans around the world.

Will you help bring a child to their forever family today? 

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