Elsa's Childlike Faith

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Elsa's Childlike Faith

Hello February 29th, 2024

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Though she could walk and run like the other children in her neighborhood, Elsa grew up in Zimbabwe with a condition called bowed leg.

In many cases, it corrects itself as children grow, however, in some instances, medical intervention becomes necessary. Seeing 4-year-old Elsa grow up with physical pain, her loving grandmother, Simangaliso, felt a tug at her heart. She made it her mission to seek help to secure the best future for her beloved grandchild, which meant never settling for less.

“Elsa may be young, but she has shown an interest in gymnastics. I hope that after her surgery, she will be able to do that,” said Simangaliso. 

Listening to Simangaliso's wisdom, Elsa's parents took her to their local hospital. The doctors performed an initial evaluation, including her first set of X-rays. Without further concerns for her current condition, the doctors sent sweet Elsa home, explaining that there was nothing to worry about. The doctors shared that Elsa's bowed leg could naturally straighten as she grows. However, although Elsa could walk or run then, her condition would worsen with time.  

According to, “Without treatment, children with bowed legs may face long-term mobility problems. Neglecting bowed legs leads to persistent bowing and, in later life, causes discomfort and pain...The lack of mobility makes it hard for children to participate in community life, play with friends, or even consistently attend school. Children with bowed legs often experience stigma and discrimination, leading to poor self-confidence and isolation.”

By the time Elsa turned four, her family realized that orthopedic surgery was her only option. And after Simangaliso's relentless pursuit of quality treatment for Elsa, she was led to TTF's Ministry Partner, CURE International in Zimbabwe. Simangaliso persuaded Elsa's parents that this facility could provide the specialized orthopedic care Elsa needed. On September 12, 2023, Simangaliso accompanied Elsa to CURE Children's Hospital of Zimbabwe, where she was welcomed by the caring staff and was scheduled for surgery the day after. 

Isn't it amazing to see a glimpse of God's unconditional love for Elsa? 

After recovering from surgery, Elsa continued to heal at home and visited CURE Zimbabwe for her post-surgical check-up on October 24, 2023. The medical team proceeded to remove her cast, and they were pleased to see that she was healing very well.

Afterward, she was provided with at-home exercises to improve her range of motion as she recovered. Even though she still experiences some pain, Elsa is excited to be able to walk again. Her bright smile reflects the joy in her heart as she experienced the love of God in so many ways.

Elsa is living proof that more children desperately needing surgery for treatable disabilities can have access to life-giving care and will no longer live in the shadow of vulnerability.

Her life-changing story continues to inspire us as she overcomes challenges with joy. Through her healing experience, she is no longer just seen as a girl with a bowed leg, but as a girl who is loved and valued regardless of the challenges she's been through. 

TTF Family, please join us as we pray for Elsa as she recovers at home. We pray that God's favor and unyielding spirit cover her and restore her with newfound strength. Your comforting prayers will be with this precious little girl as she continues her healing journey.

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