Christ is Able - The Journey Continues

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Christ is Able - The Journey Continues

Hello November 6th, 2015

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Adoption stories are beautiful because they directly reflect our own adoption as children of God. When we reflect on our own adoption into the body of Christ, we remember the powerful conversion moment when the entire trajectory of our lives changed. Thankfully, the journeys we begin after our initial adoption are just as beautiful, transformative and glorifying to God as our first encounter. In the same way, stories of an adopted child coming home for the first time are beautiful, but hearing about the way these children continue to be filled with faith, hope and love from their forever families reminds us of our own continual journey as the beloved, adopted children of God.

Back in May 2015, we brought you the story of Christabel. Christabel was a little girl from Ghana, who needed surgery for Spina Bifida and Bi-lateral Clubfoot. After a season of prayer, applications, interviews and waiting, her new parents, Cam and Shannon Van Koevering, were finally able to bring Christabel home to be part of their family and seek the necessary treatments to give Christabel the best quality of life.

When Cam and Shannon first heard Christabel’s story, they were struck by the similarities between her name and the simple phrase, “Christ is able.” Since Christabel’s arrival into her new family, Christ has shown He truly is able. Christabel is currently attending school and receiving treatment to help her feet and legs stay straight. Through all of this, Christabel’s mother says, “She continues to be one of the happiest people you will ever be around!” Christabel is now able to walk the halls at school, move around the playground and continue to be poured into by a wonderful team at her school as she learns and grows.

Last month, Christabel celebrated her 7th birthday. While there will continue to be challenges for Christabel as she learns English as her second language and continues to overcome the trials associated with her Spina Bifida, her family can always return to the phrase, “Christ is able.” Just as we can rest secure after adoption into the family of God, Christabel has found a forever family where she can grow into exactly who the Lord created her to be.

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