Sebastian: A Child Worth Fighting For

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Sebastian: A Child Worth Fighting For

Hello March 25th, 2024

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When there was no one else to care for him, Anastasia accepted Sebastian as her own and showed him that he was undeniably worth fighting for. 

One day, Anastasia received a phone call that changed her life forever. Her great nephew, Sebastian, and his mother had been in a horrific car accident in Guatemala and were rushed to the hospital. 

Anastasia immediately broke the news to her entire family, including Sebastian’s dad, Brian. Brian rushed to the hospital to see his child, only to find out even more devastating news. Sebastian had been declared brain dead. 

Brian was faced with the heartbreaking reality that Sebastian was probably not going to survive. However, he diligently waited by his side and cared for him while Sebastian endured a grueling three-month-long coma.  

In what seemed like a hopeless situation for Sebastian, God showed up and performed a miracle no one could explain... 

Against all odds, Sebastian regained consciousness from his coma. 

“The doctors said he came from death to life. That’s why they fought for him. Many children who go through accidents like this don’t make it. And so, the doctors told us, ‘Maybe God has a purpose for him,’” shared Anastasia. 

Even though Sebastian regained consciousness, the doctors informed Brian that Sebastian would have life-long disabilities as a result of the accident. Taking on the role of primary caregiver for a child with a disability was a daunting task for Brian, especially in Guatemala, a country lacking resources and support for families who have a child with special needs. As Sebastian’s mother was deemed unfit due to negligence, Brian approached Anastasia with a request: to take Sebastian into her care. Without a moment's hesitation, she wholeheartedly said, “Yes.” 

TTF---TDG-Sebastian-Blog-Graphics-v2-D.pngEver since that moment, Anastasia has been the primary caregiver for Sebastian. While she sold fruits and vegetables at the market, Sebastian would patiently wait inside a vegetable crate. Anastasia tried her best to take Sebastian to the hospital for therapy, often walking miles carrying him on her back. However, she was still not able to meet all of Sebastian’s needs.  

One day, a woman noticed Sebastian inside the crate at the market and recommended Anastasia to Tebow Down Guatemala (TDG). Her children received therapy at the school there, and she believed it would be beneficial for Sebastian as well. Anastasia decided to explore the exciting opportunities that TDG could provide. 

Anastasia and Sebastian were welcomed with open arms at Tebow Down Guatemala, a ministry of the Tim Tebow Foundation. There, Sebastian was offered therapy and support surrounded by a loving community! 

“I was happy when I received a call [from Tebow Down Guatemala] because Sebastian needs a lot of therapy. When we first went there, he couldn’t do anything. Sebastian couldn't sit [independently], now, he can!” 

Anastasia has witnessed countless miracles throughout Sebastian's journey. She holds no regrets and looks forward to a bright future for him. 

TTF---TDG-Sebastian-Blog-Graphics-v2-C.pngSebastian continues to receive therapy at Tebow Down Guatemala, where he is surrounded by an incredible support system. In February 2024, Tim, Demi, and some members of our TTF Team visited TDG and during their visit were able to surprise Sebastian with a new wheelchair! Anastasia's heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for the support they’ve received at Tebow Down Guatemala. She often tells others about the hope and help she has found there.  

So many other families are longing to receive the hope that Sebastian and Anastasia have. Unfortunately, our current facility at TDG is unable to accommodate the growing number of people in need. Our amazing TTF giving family answered the call and we are building a new campus in Guatemala City to increase our reach to about 250 children and their families. 

This new campus in Guatemala City is designed as a comprehensive hub where individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities will be able to access a wide range of services and resources that will help them thrive in their community. The campus will also include classrooms for music, speech, and physical therapies. 

Our prayer is to provide unwavering support for inspiring parents and caregivers like Anastasia who say, “Yes” in caring for a precious child with disability. 

As we come together to build this life-giving campus in Guatemala City, will you join us in praying for children like Sebastian? Will you help us empower parents and caregivers like Anastasia? We are asking you to join us in giving hope to people with disabilities in Guatemala. Please, don’t look away. 

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