An Answered Prayer: Rediet Finds Hope at the Tebow Spine Center

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An Answered Prayer: Rediet Finds Hope at the Tebow Spine Center

Hello March 29th, 2024

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“With God and through your support,” said Lake, Rediet’s dad, “I am hopeful that my daughter will completely heal from her condition.”

Faith is the assurance of things we hope for – the things we don’t yet see. Lake had faith that his seven-year-old daughter, Rediet, who was born with scoliosis, would find treatment. So, they sought help for his daughter from the Tebow Spine Center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

This was no small feat, as seeking this treatment meant they had to travel an entire day by bus. Nonetheless, Lake and Rediet both endured the journey with an unfaltering hope that she would be healed.

“We didn’t know about her condition,” said Lake. One day, Rediet bent over to pick something up, and her uncle noticed an abnormality in her back. “When my brother-in-law saw the right side of Rediet’s back pop out more when she bent to pick up something, he urged us to seek medical attention.”

Rediet Header w_ quote.pngScoliosis is a spinal condition, which, in severe cases, can cause the ribcage to push against the heart and lungs, making it very difficult to breathe.

Even though Rediet didn’t feel pain or have any challenges in her day-to-day life, her scoliosis could be fatal if left untreated. Rediet and her dad found hope when they were referred to TTF’s ministry partner CURE International. At the new Tebow Spine Center at CURE Children’s Hospital of Ethiopia, Rediet and other children with spinal conditions will have the opportunity to receive non-surgical care and interventions and, if necessary, surgery to address their profound medical needs.

On October 4th, 2023, Rediet underwent her first non-surgical treatment, called Mehta casting.

This procedure fits the trunk of her body with a cast as a way to correct her spine as she grows. In less than an hour, Rediet's treatment was successfully completed. The loving staff at CURE Ethiopia ensured that Rediet had a restful recovery until she was given the all-clear to continue healing in the comfort of her own home.

During every step of her healing journey, Rediet saw how valuable and loved she was.

Even though she is introverted, “once she gets comfortable, she will come out of her shell,” said Lake, smiling lovingly at his daughter.

Rediet Blog Body Photo Counseling.png

Lake's prayer request is for Rediet to heal and have a better future.

“God willing, I want my daughter to be healed,” he said, “and for her to receive an education and serve her country and community.” He also desires for others to receive the gift he and his daughter found at the Tebow Spine Center. He prays that others, too, can find hope and treatment like Rediet was able to.

Lake’s big fatherly heart was put on display by him placing Rediet’s health and well-being above all else. He encourages us to keep fighting alongside vulnerable children and their families who are experiencing profound medical needs. Our hope is to remind these children and families that because God sees them first, and we see them, too.

Rediet’s name in English means “a gift from God.” Isn’t that beautiful? 

She truly is an image-bearer who is loved, valued, and seen. Her story serves as an inspiration to other children with spinal conditions and as a reminder that there is hope for healing.

At TTF, we believe there is power when we come together.

Together, alongside our partners and our TTF Giving Family, we are committed to standing alongside God’s beloved image-bearers, like Rediet, to help provide the gift of life-changing healing.

Would you support the Tebow Spine Center to help us reach one more child with a spinal condition today? Would you please see them and help provide life-changing medical treatment to many other Ethiopian children who have severe spinal deformities? Make a tax-deductible gift and give these children a chance at a longer, healthier life.


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