The Long Road of Healing

June 1 3 Minute Read???? Tebow Cure Hospital

The Long Road of Healing

Hello June 1st, 2020

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At just two years of age, Paulla had already undergone three surgeries in an attempt to correct her clubbed feet. Even though walking was difficult and shoes were painful, Paulla still had enough energy to wear out her mom, Nerjane! Dad, Paul, calls her his “stress reliever” because of her bright, happy personality. Paulla’s parents had been continually searching for healing for their daughter when they were referred to the Tebow CURE Hospital in 2015. Could CURE finally be the end of Paulla’s treatments?

After numerous surgeries and castings, Paulla’s feet still wanted to turn inward because her tendons weren’t able to keep up with her rapid growth. Throughout all the casting, braces, and tendon-lengthening procedures, Paulla was known to all as an exuberant ray of sunshine. She quickly made friends with her fellow patients and loved blowing bubbles and cooking pretend meals in the Timmy’s Playroom. Casts and hospital visits didn’t slow Paulla down with her schoolwork, and she finished third in her class last year!

The Tebow CURE Hospital staff has been there for Paulla and her family, even after two years of treatment when her feet began to relapse. Paulla’s has been one of the longest and hardest cases of clubfoot, but the staff at the Tebow CURE Hospital have been faithfully working to make Paulla’s feet perfect. Nerjane and Paul have been faithful to bring Paulla for all her appointments and surgeries and work with her on her physical therapy at home. Donors and prayer warriors like you have been faithful to support the Tebow CURE Hospital and pray for the staff, patients and families!

Four and a half years after beginning treatment at the Tebow CURE Hospital, Paulla is a chatty, exuberant seven-year-old who loves to show off for the camera. Her last set of casts came off in July, and the doctors are finally happy with where her feet are. She will continue her stretching exercises and return soon for a follow-up. Please join with us in praying that Paulla’s legs grow straight and strong and that this is finally the end of her treatments!

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