Haylee's W15H to Meet Tim Tebow

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Haylee's W15H to Meet Tim Tebow

Hello September 28th, 2018

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Haylee’s Story…

From the age of two, Haylee danced. She loved all types, but had a special place in her heart for ballet. She danced until the age of 14 when she began to experience episodes of sickness, weight gain, loss of consciousness, and other physiological and physical disturbances that forced her to stop dancing. These episodes were thought to be an array of ‘mental disorders,’ until she began experiencing anaphylaxis/anaphylactic shock at age 15.

It was discovered that Haylee had a rare and very serious form of mast cell disease. Her diagnoses caused a myriad of symptoms, from severe full-body pain, vomiting, confusion, to fainting and more. But, through it all, Haylee has persevered and kept her eyes on the Lord and the purpose He has for her life…which she believes to be encouraging and helping others going through similar difficult experiences!

“The true source of joy that I find is in constantly reminding myself of Philippians 4:13, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” which has gotten me through many situations where I shouldn’t have lived (but God wasn’t done with me yet).” - Haylee

This weekend, we are thrilled for Haylee to join our W15H family as she will be granted her wish to meet Tim Tebow, whose public walk with the Lord has encouraged her and inspired her through so many difficult times.

“Even though it’s easy to get discouraged and feel alone, God has given me this W15H experience as an encouragement to help others who have felt the same way I have! I want to give back, and help bring Faith, Hope & Love!” - Haylee

Haylee’s W15H…

Haylee’s W15H came true to meet and spend time with one of her inspirations, Tim Tebow, this weekend at the Florida vs. Mississippi State college football game in Starkville, MS.

Friday night, Haylee and her family were treated to a private gourmet dinner with Tim Tebow. Tim and Haylee spent one-on-one time together as they laughed, prayed and talked. Tim had the opportunity to provide encouragement to Haylee as she strives to use her life and testimony to encourage others.

On Saturday, Haylee enjoyed behind-the-scenes access at SEC Nation where she received a special introduction to the crowd and was treated as a VIP all morning.

Saturday evening, Haylee and her family attended the Florida vs. Mississippi State game!

We have been so encouraged by Haylee’s ability to look past difficult circumstances into the faith and hope that Jesus provides. Her desire to live to encourage and help others is nothing short of inspirational, and our prayer is that Haylee is able to begin living out this calling!

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