Hawa's Story: How God's Love Rescues Us From Despair

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Hawa's Story: How God's Love Rescues Us From Despair

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In November 2022, a young girl was found in a police station in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Alone with nowhere to go, Hawa had been trying her best to survive on the streets of this big city.

She had been struggling in school, and her confidence crumbled. She compared herself to her peers and started to believe lies about her worth.  Overwhelmed by self-disappointment and shame, Hawa decided to run away to the city to find her worth.

When the police found her, she was even lonelier than before and severely depressed, trying to survive on the streets of Addis Ababa. 

Police knew Hawa needed hope, and that is when they called on All God's Children International, a TTF ministry partner. They took her to the AGCI & the TTF House of Hope. On arriving, Hawa was in a very dark place mentally and resorted to self-harming behaviors. Isolated and socially withdrawn, she struggled to express her feelings. She felt like she had no purpose and admitted she was just living to survive.

When the TTF House of Hope staff took Hawa to the hospital, doctors diagnosed her with severe depression and anxiety. The loving staff at AGCI & TTF House of Hope offered Hawa the love and care she desperately needed.

There, Hawa received medication and trauma-informed care in a nurturing environment. The TTF House of Hope became a safe space for her to heal.

Besides all of the love that Hawa experienced, she also heard the good news of the Gospel and was reminded of her inherent worth and value as an image-bearer. She heard the truth that she is a cherished child of God, not because of what she can do, but because of who she is. She learned that she didn’t need to earn the love of her Heavenly Father; she was already loved beyond anything she could ever imagine. And this love wasn’t dependent on her academics, appearance or accomplishments. It was a love that she could never lose or earn.

Little by little, Hawa started to heal and find moments of joy in her day.

She started interacting more with the House of Hope staff. She started to smile more. Miraculously, Hawa's self-harming behavior stopped completely! There was hope that Hawa was on the road to healing and would one day enjoy the freedom of just being a kid again.

As Hawa progressed in her recovery at TTF House of Hope, the dedicated staff was eager to reunite her with her family and were on a mission to bring Hawa back home safely. Once they found Hawa's family, they empowered and educated them to ensure their commitment and preparedness in welcoming Hawa back into their lives. Accepting the responsibility wholeheartedly, they underwent training to ensure they would provide Hawa with the necessary protection, care, and support for her growth and well-being.

In January 2023, Hawa was reunited with her family! Neighbors and loved ones gathered as they welcomed her back home. Hawa’s mother embraced her with open arms. Her precious daughter was home again, safe and sound. Despite how difficult their circumstances had been, they had hope for a brighter future. 

Today, Hawa is home, equipped with self-regulation techniques and knowledge of her true worth and value as God's image-bearer.

We are so grateful for the caring teams at AGCI Ethiopia and TTF House of Hope as they live out God's love while providing trauma-informed care for children in a safe and nurturing environment. They were there to care for Hawa in her darkest hour of need.

Hawa’s story is a testament to the fact that even when she lost her way, God’s reckless love sought her out, rescued her, and reunited her with her family.

Our prayer is that we can extend this hope to more children like Hawa, who are facing harsh circumstances in Ethiopia.

There is power when we come together to bring Faith, Hope and Love to lost children who desperately need healing and are living on the fringes of society. 

Hawa used to believe she had no purpose and didn't deserve to be loved because of what she lacked. But in her darkest moments, wanting to escape the painful reality of her life, God made a way to rescue his precious child. Hawa was not invisible — she was worthy, not only to be saved, but to be loved, too.

Isn't it a fantastic sight to behold? A girl who once was in the shadows is now beaming with joy?

These are the kind of rescue missions Jesus is after. Will you help us on our mission to rescue more of God’s children?

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