Darkness To Light - Tim Tebow's 34th Birthday Fundraiser

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Darkness To Light - Tim Tebow's 34th Birthday Fundraiser

Hello August 4th, 2021

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Hey TTF Fam, 

Next week, I’ll be celebrating my 34th birthday by launching my fourth birthday campaign to help fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. So often, birthdays are focused on celebrating ourselves. But this year, my goal is to celebrate mine by shining light on those truly living in their deepest, darkest hour of need. Looking back at the last three years of birthday campaigns, I am so honored by how so many of you have come alongside me and the TTF team to help change lives around the world.  Thank you to every one of you who has celebrated with me in this way over the years! This year I am inviting you to join us by bringing light into some of the darkest places around the world by fighting for the trafficked, the abandoned, the disabled, and the forgotten. 


The English definition for purpose is “the reason something is done, used, or created.” I believe that we were all created with a purpose. I believe in the macro - love God and love people. But I also believe in the individual and the micro - that each of us has a specific purpose. A big part of my purpose, and the purpose of TTF, is to fight for people who can't fight for themselves - the trafficked, the abandoned, the disabled, and the forgotten. 

This year, my birthday isn’t about a number or turning a year older. It's about loving people. It's about helping them to realize their God-given value and worth. What I want more than anything this year is for you to partner with us as we run as fast as possible towards chaos, hardship, and darkness. Why? Because we get to bring the light – the light of Jesus. We get to bring God's love to people who feel hopeless. 

We have FOUR new life-changing projects spanning across our ministry and the world. Through these four projects, we are praying that we can bring the light of Christ to some of the hardest to reach parts of the globe, and to boys, girls, men and women who are living in some of the darkest circumstances imaginable. But, we need your help, and more importantly, all the boys and girls in these places need your help. They need us, and they need us now. We can't wait. 

I know through God’s blessings and your support, we can change lives and bring light to these dark places. When the TTF family rallies together around the burdens the Lord sets on our hearts, the impossible becomes possible! 

God bless,



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