5 Favorite Things About the Tebow CURE Hospital

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5 Favorite Things About the Tebow CURE Hospital

Hello December 22nd, 2015

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Since opening in December 2014, the Tebow CURE Hospital has seen more than 200 patients and performed more than 275 surgeries. For children who otherwise could not afford care for their physical disability, the Tebow CURE Hospital is truly an answer to a prayer. Here are our 5 favorite things about the Tebow CURE Hospital

Spiritual Healing

While exploring the hospital during a recent visit, one TTF team member witnessed a girl take her first steps ever after her life-changing surgery, while on another floor, two other team members stood at the side of the bed of a boy who accepted Jesus Christ into his life! Led by a Spiritual Director, TCH not only focuses life-changing surgeries, but also nourishing the soul of each patient through the good news of the Gospel!

Life-Changing Surgeries

The patients of the Tebow CURE Hospital are often mocked, made fun of or, more devastatingly, considered outcasts in their village. Through the hospital, more than 200 children have been transformed physically and given hope for a new life among their community.

Timmy’s Playroom

This is no ordinary playroom… The Timmy’s Playroom at the Tebow CURE Hospital acts as a central hub of entertainment for the patients through puppet shows, story time, video games with friends and overall just a place to escape and have fun!

Beautiful Design

The Tebow CURE Hospital was specifically designed to make children feel worthy and valuable during their stay. This is accomplished through state-of-the-art facilities, uplifting artwork and a beautifully designed finishings.

Incredible Staff

Not only is the staff at the Tebow CURE Hospital highly trained and skilled, but they place a great deal of importance on their daily walk with God. Through staff devotions, a chapel within the hospital, and a focus on doing the Lord’s work, the TCH team members are truly acting as the Hands & Feet of Christ!

The Tebow CURE Hospital, an outreach initiative of the Tim Tebow Foundation, provides orthopedic surgeries to children of the Philippines, who otherwise could not afford care. Donate today at to help provide life-changing surgeries

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