5 Favorite Moments of a W15H

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5 Favorite Moments of a W15H

Hello December 27th, 2015

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We believe that children in this world who are suffering from life-threatening illnesses deserve an opportunity to have their greatest wish granted. For those who wish to meet Tim Tebow, we go all out to give them an experience of a lifetime! Here are our 5 favorite moments of a W15H…

The Call

It is so exciting to extend the official invitation for a child to meet Tim and be treated to three – four days of personalized VIP experiences. Sometimes the news is even delivered in person at the hospital as they receive treatment, making it all the more meaningful as a sign of hope for the future.

Meeting Face-to-Face

It is a magical moment when a child gets to meet their role model… and then they realize he is just as excited to meet them! Most people assume that it is the child who is blessed by the experience, when every time it is Tim and the foundation who come away with the blessing of knowing these sweet children.

Prayer Time

Precious are the moments connecting with the child and their family in prayer – for the health, future and for their salvation. We love prayer time and have had the honor to be able to pray with all of the children’s families that have been part of our W15H program… It is in these times that the forever bonds are formed.

Made-for-Me Moments

We love watching the children realize that every detail of their experience has been designed with them specifically in mind. From the limo rides to their favorite activities, to their favorite meals, candy and gifts, all these surprises along the way make it completely personal.

Joining the Family

When a child receives a W15H from the Tim Tebow Foundation, it is just the beginning of a beautiful, life-long friendship. TTF remains engaged with each child and family, praying through hard times, celebrating successes and connecting for fun along the way.

The W15H program, an outreach initiative of the Tim Tebow Foundation, fulfills the dreams of children with life-threatening illnesses whose wish is to meet Tim Tebow. Donate today at to help create more W15H experiences.

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