Trafficking & Child Exploitation

In partnership with organizations in both the United States and abroad, the Tim Tebow Foundation is actively fighting against human trafficking and child exploitation in three ways: Prevention, Rescue, and Survivor Care. 

Almost one out of every 150 people in the world is now being trafficked on any given day.


The latest global estimates reported in 2022 show that human trafficking has increased by nearly 10 million people in the last five years, according to the International Labour Organization, Walk Free, and the International Organization for Migration.  

Child sexual exploitation is another horrific evil hidden in the darkness that is affecting millions of minors across the world. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children received nearly 85 million pictures and videos depicting child sexual abuse worldwide in 2021. 
Women, children, and men are being captured, exploited, and abused on a daily basis in every country around the world. The statistics are overwhelming, but hope is not lost. The Tim Tebow Foundation is committed to advancing this fight for the millions who have been trafficked, exploited and/or who are at risk of becoming victims. 

Through direct services as well as partnerships with 12 other ministries, the Tim Tebow Foundation is currently fighting against human trafficking and child exploitation in more than a dozen countries around the world. The foundation currently operates 8 safe homes, and partners in 34 more to support survivors as they heal and transition back into a life of freedom.

Our Initiatives

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We are dedicated to ending this cycle before it begins through prevention with education, training, and new policies.

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We are actively responding to this crisis by partnering with those executing physical rescue missions and those providing for the immediate needs of survivors.

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Survivor Care

We are deeply committed to supporting survivors’ long-term recovery through communities of care, providing them with tools for physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual healing; thus empowering their liberation from the cycle of trauma in their lives and finding their new life of freedom.

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