12 Victims Seen in Child Sexual Abuse Material Identified During Training in Brazil

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12 Victims Seen in Child Sexual Abuse Material Identified During Training in Brazil

Hello May 29th, 2024

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We are incredibly thankful for our giving family from Tim’s 36th Birthday Fundraiser, unKNOWN, for joining the fight to help identify and protect children around the world who are victims of child sexual exploitation.

Two of our goals with unKNOWN are to unite law enforcement as one team across the globe and to train and equip investigators and analysts to identify and rescue children seen in sexual abuse material faster.
We are grateful to start seeing these plans come to life, most recently, with a training and operation in Brazil. In partnership with Onemi-Global Solutions and international law enforcement partners, we supported a two-week training in Brazil which brought investigators together from across Brazil to learn the most advanced techniques in identifying victims seen in child sexual abuse material. Immediately following the training, after applying these techniques, the police were able to identify 12 new victims.
Brazilian Federal Police at Victim Identification Training
The students who participated in the training had tremendous feedback on what they took away from the event.
"The most significant learning experience was learning how to use special tools to deal with relevant information to be used in investigations. The tools presented are excellent and fundamental in identifying perpetrators and victims of crimes."
"I think the most important thing I've confirmed with this training is that in this area of work we need cooperation. We will be even more able to help these children if we work together in every way that we can, uniting teams within the country and also from other countries."
"It was two weeks of a lot of learning, and the police officers will return to their units even more qualified to combat child sexual abuse over the internet."
"The event exceeded any and all expectations we had. Without a doubt, the experience was very enriching, and everyone left the event better than when they entered it."
This training is not only helping children in Brazil but will help boys and girls all over the globe, as more victim identification specialists are becoming better equipped to combat this evil.
Through our work in Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation and our close relationships with law enforcement, we have come to learn that the videos and images of more than 50,000 unidentified children being abused, raped, and tortured are sitting in a global law enforcement database. These crime scene images, known as CSAM – child sexual abuse material, contain clues that could help locate and protect these children. With 85 million pieces of CSAM reported to the NCMEC CyberTipline in 2021 alone, we have to come together now to address this growing issue and get to these lives.

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