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Hello November 22nd, 2023

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Our heart is to love Jesus and to love people. We are called to fight for the world's Most Vulnerable People – the MVP – through our four main areas of focus: Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation, Orphan Care and Prevention, Profound Medical Needs, and Special Needs Ministry. Our desire is to impact vulnerable lives around the world through our called and committed team who embody our non-negotiables. 

1) We are believers. We’re believers in a big God. We’re believers in people. God’s plans for this ministry have always been far greater than anything we could have dreamed. We’re believers that big and lasting change is possible for a broken and hurting world. 

2) Everyone is an image-bearer. Every single person has inherent worth and value. To love God is to serve God, and to serve Him is to serve others. From people being rescued from the grips of human trafficking to children with disabilities meeting their forever families through the foundation’s Adoption Aid program, they all are image-bearers. 

3) We are on a rescue mission. There is urgency in the mission. It cannot wait until a more convenient time. For millions of orphans, the time is NOW. For millions of children in developing countries with limited or no access to healthcare, the time is NOW. If we don’t act now, who will? 

4) There is power when we come together. When we come together and believe the mission is more important than individual credit, lives will be changed. Anything is possible. 

5) Don’t forget. Don’t forget the moment God changed your life. Don’t forget the moment He challenged you to join the fight. Don’t forget that you have a specific role to play in bringing Faith, Hope and Love to a world in need. May you challenge others to remember, and not only remember, but to act, pray, serve, and give. May you challenge them to take whatever skills and resources God has provided and use them to meet the needs of others. May we each remember that He loved us first and equipped and called us to love others. 

We will continue to pursue the vision of finding, reaching, and fighting for the Most Vulnerable People in every country worldwide, while sharing with them about the God who created them in His own image and who loves them with a perfect and lasting love! 

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