Five Year-Old Burned in House Fire Visits Tebow Cure Hospital

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Five Year-Old Burned in House Fire Visits Tebow Cure Hospital

Hello August 3rd, 2017

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Since opening its doors in December 2014, the Tebow CURE Hospital has provided more than 1,230 life-changing surgeries for Filipino children who could not otherwise afford care. Specializing in orthopedic surgeries, children come in with conditions like cleft lip, clubfoot, bowed legs, untreated burns, and hydrocephalus and they leave healed physically and spiritually. Jocy is one of those children whose life was given hope from the Tebow CURE Hospital.

When Jocy was just 19 months old, a tragic accident changed her life, and the lives of her entire family. One of her sisters was playing with a broom that accidentally caught fire. The flame quickly spread to a nearby bed and the mosquito net above, which then spread to the rest of the house, burning it to the ground. Her sister escaped with minor burns, but unfortunately Jocy didn’t get out before suffering severe burns to her arms and back. The family rushed her to the emergency room, but all the local clinic could do was apply ointment to the burns. Without proper treatment, her burned skin contracted as it healed, leaving her arms and hands severely deformed.

For the next three years, the family had just accepted that Jocy might never go to school, and might never ride a bike. All of the doctors they saw were not able to help her, and even if they had been, the family could not afford the cost. They had no other hope for her healing until a local charity told them about a new hospital being built in Davao City. Jocy was admitted to the Tebow CURE Hospital and underwent an intensive burn repair surgery.

After healing and physical therapy, Jocy is now able to use her shoulders and arms. She is able to color and draw and ride a bike… one of her greatest desires. “Now, I can see Jocy’s very happy. She’s happy all the time,” expressed Jocy’s mom, Judith.

“We want to fight for kids, like Jocy, who can’t fight for themselves. Because, every single person is worth it. They are worth love. They are worth us giving what we have for them,” shared Tim Tebow, Founder & Chairman of the Tim Tebow Foundation. “Ultimately, what is more important? What is going to be bigger? What is going to be better than giving someone hope, and that is what is happening everyday at the Tebow CURE Hospital.”

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The Tim Tebow Foundation exists to bring Faith, Hope and Love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need. That mission is being fulfilled every day through the foundation’s seven areas of outreach, including W15H, Timmy’s Playrooms, Orphan Care, Adoption Aid, the Tebow CURE Hospital, Team Tebow and Night to Shine.

CURE International is a Christian health care network that operates charitable hospitals and programs in 29 countries worldwide where patients experience the life-changing message of God’s love for them, receiving surgical treatment regardless of gender, religion, or ethnicity. Since 1998, CURE has had over 3.3 million patient visits, provided over 230,000 life-changing surgeries, and trained over 8,100 medical professionals. For more information, visit

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