The Lubin Family: New Roof Brings Renewed Hope

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The Lubin Family: New Roof Brings Renewed Hope

Hello May 31st, 2024

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Located in a port town on the south coast of Haiti, the Lubin family of five calls the city of Jacmel home. Living in Haiti poses many challenges, especially as the country faces unprecedented inflation, rising gang violence, and instability.

Thankfully, though, for families like the Lubins, there is hope and support through organizations like TTF’s Ministry Partner Hands & Feet Project.

The Lubins participate in a family empowerment and preservation initiative through Hands & Feet Project (H&FP) that provides support for families whose children may be at risk of abandonment or trafficking due to financial and societal challenges. 

Recently, during a routine check-in with the family, the H&FP team noticed the Lubin’s family home was having some structural issues. The roof, in particular, had several gaping holes in it which left the family exposed to the elements. TTF---HAFP---Lubin-Family-Blog-Graphics_4.pngThanks to the support of our generous TTF Giving Family, we were able to immediately respond to this need and bless the Lubins by building a new roof for their home, mending compromised walls, and plastering the floor. These improvements greatly enhanced their living space and quality of life.
The Lubins were so grateful for the support and renovations to their home! The mother, Jérôme Delcame, expressed her deep gratitude not only for the physical repairs to the family home but also for the ongoing support and education her children receive through H&FP and TTF’s continual support. 

"I want to have friends over for a time of thanksgiving for what God has done for us," she shared with profound joy and gratitude! 

After the renovations were complete, H&FP visited the Lubins again to check back in on them. In gracious hospitality and gratitude, the Lubin family presented freshly harvested coconuts as a ‘thank you’ for them to enjoy.TTF---HAFP---Lubin-Family-Blog-Graphics_3.pngWe’re so grateful for Hands & Feet Project and that God allows us to take part in enhancing the lives of precious families around the world, like the sweet Lubin family.  

The Lubins are one of many families that we’ve had the blessing of supporting alongside Hands & Feet Project in Haiti since our partnership began in 2011. In addition to caring for orphans in Haiti alongside H&FP, we’ve been able to support the building and maintenance of two residential family-style homes for orphans (FHL Homes), respite daycare services, and reunification programs. 

At the Tim Tebow Foundation, the Lord has called us to help build strong families and bring hope and a brighter day to families in their darkest hour of need. We know that God has a special place in His heart for vulnerable people, and we remain committed to fighting for children and families in need around the globe. ​​​​​​​TTF---HAFP---Lubin-Family-Blog-Graphics_6.pngIf you have a heart for serving the world's Most Vulnerable People, we invite you to take action and join The Movement, a passionate community of more than 6,500 people. We are grateful to our TTF Giving Family for stepping into a mission that is literally changing lives. 

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