A Letter from Adoption Aid: Titus’s Journey

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A Letter from Adoption Aid: Titus’s Journey

Hello April 11th, 2017

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The Tim Tebow Foundation is honored to be able to, each month, provide an Adoption Aid grant to a family making the courageous choice to adopt a child with special needs internationally. We met the Gingerich family in November 2014 when we were able to come along side them on their journey of adopting their sweet son, Titus. Titus’s parents, Travis and Faith, brought him home from Ethiopia when he was just two years old and though he has health issues that require continuous medical treatment, his family receives strength daily from God as they look to Him to see them through.

We are so blessed to have the Gingeriches and 63 other families like them as part of our growing TTF family! Each of their stories are so inspiring… we are humbled to share what Travis and Faith have to say about their story!

Below is a letter written from his family about Titus’s journey to his forever home:

Titus’s Story:

We could write pages upon pages of how God blessed us through this journey of adoption, but to truly convey the magnitude of His provisions would be nearly impossible. God put it on our hearts to begin this adoption journey in 2010 and we are so amazed by how He faithfully provided for each and every need along the way. Not only did our Heavenly Father bless us with the most amazing child from Ethiopia, His perfect plan also included blessing us with a biological child born November 2015, within a few months of our adoption – both wondrous blessings.

Titus, our beautiful Ethiopian, is a 4-year-old whirlwind of energy, joy, intelligence, and sweetness. In the 20 months since he’s been home, we have had the joy of seeing him blossom in ways every parent dreams of. Titus’s first 2 years of life are largely a mystery, yet we do know he spent nearly the first year of his life living with his biological mother, who was in and out of hospital clinics. We know this special woman passed away shortly before Titus turned a year old, yet kept him at her side. He was brought to our agency’s transition home at the beginning of October 2014. Titus came home to us in July 2015 with very little intelligible speech and a host of health issues. We have been blessed to see him grow in many ways: physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. Titus now talks (very clearly) incessantly and enthusiastically, and is always on the move. He is very thoughtful and loves his brother, even when little hands take his toys away. He is empathetic, passionate, and enthusiastic about life. Titus enjoys listening to music and Bible stories, and faithfully reminds us to pray before meals and bedtime.

God has done so much in our lives throughout the 5 years of our adoption process. We have been on our knees in prayer more times than we can count. However, we can clearly see that this journey has been nothing short of miraculous and humbling. Our lives look so completely different than we ever could have imagined! To say this last year and a half since Titus has been home has been overwhelming is an understatement. It has been extremely challenging as first time parents, learning to parent a child with a history of trauma and who requires medical intervention for health issues. Add our first biological child less than 4 months later, and we’ve been running on the fumes of our Father’s faithfulness, love, and daily (hourly!) provision. Our relationship with our Lord has been our cornerstone and stronghold. Titus and Ian are a daily reminder of His provisions, and are pictures of how much our Lord loves and fights for us. God has been teaching us over and over that there is no going through life without Him at the center. His eternal strength is what has gotten us to what we are today – a family with two boys that continue to shine God’s love on two parents who are still learning how to navigate this whirlwind of change and parenthood.

– The Gingerich family (Travis, Faith, Titus & Ian)

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