Adoption Aid: When Love Brings You Home

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Adoption Aid: When Love Brings You Home

Hello December 14th, 2023

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Children around the world deserve the love and protection of a stable family. Unfortunately, millions of these precious children have been orphaned or abandoned, facing immense challenges without a home to call their own. According to UNICEF, there are approximately 153 million orphaned children worldwide, lacking stable homes, education, and basic necessities, exposing them to being at risk of abuse and trafficking. This heartbreaking reality is why we are committed to our mission to bring Faith, Hope and Love to orphans who are going through their darkest moments.

 At the Tim Tebow Foundation, we see the needs of orphans worldwide, and are eager to run into the darkness and bring hope to these precious image-bearers. However, we cannot accomplish this mission alone. Walking alongside our ministry partners, Show Hope and Lifesong for Orphans, we can support families who have stepped up to make the courageous decision to adopt a child.

While we believe that adoption reflects the heart of God, this act of obedience can present significant financial challenges. It is not uncommon for adoption costs to round up to tens of thousands of dollars, including agency fees, home study expenses, court and legal fees, travel expenses for international adoptions, and other related costs. These financial hurdles can often be a deterrent for potential adoptive parents, restricting the chances of countless children finding a loving home. The financial burden of adoption often becomes a barrier for families willing to open their hearts and homes to a child in need.

Seeing the needs of orphans worldwide, TTF’s Adoption Aid initiative was established to assist families by providing financial grants to those adopting children with special needs. With every grant, we have the opportunity to transform a child's life, offering them a future filled with hope, security, and love.  The grants provided through our Adoption Aid program help alleviate financial burdens and allow them to focus on loving and serving a child who is in desperate need of love and care.

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Six years ago, Zion came home to his forever family, and the Johnson family couldn't help but share the blessing of having him in their lives. The miracle of bringing Zion home was possible because of the Adoption Aid grant they received:

"We cannot imagine our lives without Zion! When I go back and reflect on all that God has done through our adoption of Zion, I can’t help but think of Ephesians 1:4-5 that ‘before the foundation of the world…He predestined us for adoption to Himself.’ For my husband and I, adoption is a way for us to display God’s love and redemption plan to the world. God adopted us, so we adopt. This physical act of adoption reflects the same adoption that we have experienced in Christ.

We are forever grateful to the Tim Tebow Foundation for their boldness to not only call others to join in the fight but for also supporting those that do step forward. It is my hope and prayer that more people will answer this call and imitate God by caring for children. Let’s display the hope of the Gospel to the world welcoming children into our families just as God has welcomed us!”

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As part of our Orphan Care + Prevention area of focus, the Adoption Aid program is more than just a financial initiative—it's a lifeline for children in need and their potential forever families. Through this initiative, it’s our prayer that families are empowered to embrace the calling of adoption without being overwhelmed by the associated costs.

At TTF, we strive to make a lasting impact and create a world where every child can grow in the embrace of a loving family through the Gospel. Will you join us in this mission? We are asking you, please don't look away from the needs of orphans around the globe. The need is real, and your ability to make a difference is also real. Will you help bring a child to their forever family today?


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