5 Incredible Volunteer Stories from Night to Shine 2021

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5 Incredible Volunteer Stories from Night to Shine 2021

Hello February 25th, 2021

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5 Incredible Volunteer Stories from Night to Shine 2021

“I had never helped with Night to Shine before and it was so amazing to see all the excitement and joy the guests had. You could tell they were just soaking up all the love the volunteers were giving them. Their pure joy - even in a year where the event was obviously so different - gave me a glimpse of heaven.”

-From Warsaw Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Warsaw, Indiana


"This evening explained in one word...EPIC. Although things looked a little different, the magic was still the same, if not a little stronger. Our kings and queens lit up when we pulled up with our Hawaiian-themed parade, rang our cow bells, honked horns, and danced our hearts out. One king nearly knocked me to the ground with excitement when he saw us. We were able to think outside the box and give these much deserving royalty a night they will remember for all time. We do this for them, but truly it’s an evening for all of us!"

-From The Genesis Project in Riverdale, Utah


“It’s difficult to understand as you’re packing a gift box. It may not seem like much – a shirt, a cup, a few photo props. But if that’s all you see, you’ve missed it completely. Each box packed for a Night to Shine guest is a chance to say to someone, ‘You are loved. You matter. And you are a child of the King.’ When we pulled into their driveways and the guests came to their doors giddy with excitement, I knew it was far more than a pretty package we were leaving on their doorsteps. It was a message of love from God the Father. The recipients delighted in each item and posed for pictures with a joy that blew me away. Delivering those boxes was a gift to me. A chance to love on individuals often overlooked, to encourage the families, and let an entire community know that we see them. And more importantly, so does God.”

-Life Community Church in Owensboro, Kentucky


“One of our volunteers recently lost her father to COVID.  She had been a florist at one time, so the church asked her if she would like to coordinate the flowers for the event.  She was so excited.  Not only did she say yes - she went to other local florists and got everything she needed donated with just 24 hours. All the flowers, floral tape, pins, greenery, wristlets, etc. poured in. Then she sat down and designed all the floral arrangements in less than a week. When she brought them to us, she said making the arrangements was just what she needed to be lifted out of her grief and depression, and realize through it all that she did have value and could still be of help to people!”

-Spencer Baptist Church in Spindale, North Carolina


“This year was especially difficult because this is the first year that we lost kings and queens from previous years. We lost a total of eight. We knew these individuals were in a better place and still able to dance the night away, but this time with Jesus! Earlier this year, we decided to make memorial crowns to deliver to their parents to celebrate them, and remind them that their individual is still a king or queen to us. It was very moving and emotional delivering these crowns to the parents, but to see all the tears of love, joy, happiness, gratitude, and hope reminded us that we have the greatest service of all! We serve the individuals who are seen as least in society, but who God sees as the greatest!”

-Valley View Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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