5 Incredible Guest Stories from Night to Shine 2021

March 1 3 Minute Read???? Night to Shine

5 Incredible Guest Stories from Night to Shine 2021

Hello March 1st, 2021

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5 Incredible Guest Stories from Night to Shine 2021

“One of our queens (65) had never been to a prom in her life and is completely blind. On top of this, her first prom experience, Night to Shine 2021, was a virtual experience. Despite her inability to see, she danced through the entire event and then said it was the best night of her life. Not being able to see the video didn’t matter because she could hear and feel the celebration regardless!”

-From Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church in North Royalton, Ohio

“Joe, one of our kings, received a heart and liver transplant 79 days before NTS and was discharged from the hospital the day before on February 11, one day before the big event!  He is still under much monitoring and will continue to rehab near his doctors at the hospital, but it was wonderful that he still could watch NTS from the comfort of his temporary home - praise God!  Please keep him in your prayers as it is a very long road to full recovery.”

-Hope Community Church in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

“One of our honored guests lost both of his parents at a young age, and was recently admitted into ICU, where one of our faithful NTS volunteers just “happened” to be his ICU nurse. In all of the ICU rooms there are “encouraging/reason to live” boards. Most people have their boards filled with pictures of loved ones, but the nurse noticed that this king only had one picture on his board - a picture of him being crowned at a Night to Shine from a few years ago. The nurse noticed the location of the picture was at our church and contacted his care giver. The care giver shared that Night to Shine is his absolute favorite day in the whole world (even more than Christmas!). Fortunately, our king recovered and was able to participate in the Shine-Thru a few weeks ago. It brought tears to our eyes to recognize that in the midst of a life-and-death situation, his fondest memories were from Night to Shine.”

-Compass Christian Church in Colleyville, Texas

*directly shared by a non-verbal guest using text to talk*

“It is a real shame that Covid has put a stop to so many pleasurable events. But Tim Tebow and the places that put the Night to Shine proms together give it their all to make it a special night for us, and our host always does a fantastic job at making us feel loved and special. Over the years I have loved hanging out with friends and enjoyed the good food, dancing, and most of all, the unlimited limo rides! Covid or not, we must never stop shining our light bright. Now more than ever we need to be the light in this sometimes dark world. Love God. Be kind, caring, and loving to others. It is wonderful the way God’s love shines through the people at Night to Shine who are committed to making us all feel it’s okay to just be ourselves. God does not make mistakes, and we are all His masterpieces to be warriors in this world. Let us all continue to shine through and make a positive difference.”

-Friedens Lutheran Church, in Kenosha, Wisconsin

“One of our honored guests lost her mother this past year. Her father told us that Night to Shine is something his daughter typically looks forward to every year. But in 2020 she lost her mom, couldn’t go to school because of COVID - 19, hasn’t seen much of her friends, most of the events and gatherings she participates in have been canceled, and she has been feeling very isolated. Dad said his daughter expected Night to Shine to be canceled but was thrilled that we were still celebrating her and her friends this year. She told him it was the best thing that happened in a whole year.”

-Royal Redeemer Church in North Royalton, Ohio

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