Strong Families

At the Tim Tebow Foundation, we believe that strengthening the family unit can help deepen relationships within, build a solid foundation in the community, and learn methods of prevention to avoid becoming vulnerable in society. Due to economic issues like poverty and food scarcity, in addition to a lack of resources for people with disabilities, some families feel they are left with their only option being to give up their child in their darkest hour of need. This may lead to neglect, abandonment, or being sold into the trafficking industry.


TTF believes in strengthening the family unit.

By strengthening the family unit, parents worldwide can access the resources and support they need to care for every member of their family. This is why we partner with like-minded organizations whose heart is to bring the Gospel to places that need hope. Together, we can provide life-giving options to families through relief aid, resources, community centers, and so much more.

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