Reshaping the Narrative of Children with Disabilities in Uganda

"My child is a burden, and they have no place in my family...I have three kids, but one doesn’t count.”

In Uganda, an estimated 2 million children live with disabilities. These children face daunting challenges such as discrimination, isolation, and lack of access to medical services–even in their own families, these children can be treated like outcasts. Due to the struggles and hardships that these families endure and the culture surrounding children living with disabilities, it is not uncommon for parents to say that they have three children, plus an additional one with a disability. This outcast mentality can put these children at risk of being orphaned, abandoned, and even trafficked.

This is why we work closely with Ekisa Ministries so we can provide life-changing resources to children with disabilities in Uganda who are often seen as “less than.” Our hope and prayer at TTF is that all those living with disabilities will come to know the transforming power of Christ’s love for them and experience belonging not only in their own families but also in their community.

With the help of our TTF Giving Family, we can partner with Ekisa to build a new campus which will be an avenue to spread the message of God's love for every person, including children who are too often seen as worthless and their parents who often feel desperate and hopeless. This place will serve as a reminder that they are not isolated but are seen by so many people around the world as valued and worthy of love. TTF Family, will you not look away? Will you join us and make a lasting impact to families in Uganda? See Them.


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