Crisis and Conflict

War, persecution, and political upheaval force communities to flee the comfort and security of their homes, to live a life on the run filled with uncertainty and constant danger. Our partner provides critical resources and stability to these individuals and families to bring healing and offset the trauma from conflict.

Key Stats

Internally Displaced People Served

Why It Matters

The Problem

When civil unrest or war begins in a country, there are always individuals and families who must flee violence and cause these people to become Internally Displaced People (IDP). These people become increasingly vulnerable lacking resources and education as some have had to flee their homes with only the clothes on their backs. Often those who have been internally displaced will not have a home to return to because of the destruction caused by war and conflict.

The Solution

Our partner helps these individuals and families find new hope by restoring their dignity and bringing them to a place of safety and stability that they can call home. This often takes the form of resource centers, local partnerships, training, and education. Our partner provides critical resources and partners with local agencies to bring healing and offset the trauma from conflict. By working with government officials to establish supply routes, they are able to keep supplies flowing to internally displaced individuals.

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